5 risks that #changedeverything! 

Now, I'm not talking about leaving your comfort zones by sky diving or extreme rock climbing (unless that's your thing), but rather putting myself out there for the world to critique. I just reread my very first blog post and a little tear formed in my eye as I reflected on my ambitious goals and … Continue reading 5 risks that #changedeverything! 


Classroom Hack: Microsoft OneNote and OneNote ClassNotebook

First, let me begin by urging readers to get access to the free Office 365 tools just for being an educator. You will not regret it!  Click here to register for your free account!  OneNote: Teacher Uses  One of the amazing tools that you will have access to is OneNote. "What is it" you wonder? … Continue reading Classroom Hack: Microsoft OneNote and OneNote ClassNotebook

First post 

Written on: 9/1/16 Well, hello world! This is my first post, on my first blog and not surprisingly it's technology related! (Anyone who knows anything about me is not surprised what-so-ever.)  I am a teacher trying to change the world one student at a time in Florida and have been privileged to work with amazing … Continue reading First post